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Events & Programs

The SoRock Coalition provides information and resources for youth, educators, parents, elected officials, and community members. Programs include impact speaker series, substance curriculum in schools, and more. By raising the awareness surround the developmental health issue of youth substance use and the impact of substance use disorder across the lifespan, we can improve the overall health and safety of our community.


Mental Health Literacy for ages 5-10

SoRock has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to offer Gizmo's Guide to Mental Health to our schools and libraries.  It's important to start the conversation about mental health early, to help young children identify their own coping skills and trusted resources in their lives and to normalize talking about and caring for their mental health. Contact us to set up a presentation. 

Career Pathways to Prevention

SoRock and the Seacoast Public Health Network partnered with Sanborn Regional High School Career Pathways program to create an annual "Gearing up for Success" trade fair.  The trade fair is part of our regional Young Adult Strategies initiative to connect youth to future career options. A clear plan exiting high school can help to reduce mental health and substance misuse concerns during the transition to adulthood. 

In 2022 & 2023 Approximately 900 students in grades 7-12 from the towns of Newton, Kingston and Fremont visited the fair with lots of incentives to stop and learn more from each of our vendors!  Surrounding school districts public hours are available.

Would you like to be a vendor? Email for more info!

Safe Medication Storage and Disposal

SoRock works with the DEA and our local police departments to promote DEA Take Back Day to reduce the unused and expired medications stored in households in our community.  This reduces the risk of accidental ingestion and medication getting into unintended hands.   SoRock works with the community and police to install permanant Rx drop boxes in our police departments. Six of our eight towns (Atkinson, Hampstead, Kingston, Newton, Plaistow & Sandown) now have permanat drop boxes.  SoRock also provides medication disposal pouches and locking medication storage boxes for free through our community partnerships. 

Click here for our Lock, Talk & Save a Life campaign! 

Overdose Prevention 

Through partnerships with our local public health networks SoRock is able to offer both narcan trainings and overdose reversal Prevention Power Packs to our community free of charge.  We have partnered in training and supplying kits to the community, mental health agencies and more.  SoRock is working with South Central PHN to bring NaloxBox Overdose Prevention stations to 5 of our towns.   If you need overdose prevention materials you can place your free order on our Lock, Talk and Save a Life Page. 


SoRock brings resources to the community through attending community events and attending local civic, PTO/Booster, faith...etc meetings.  This is a great way to educate and learn from our communities!!  If you have an event you would like us to attend please email our program director to schedule 

Educator Support 

SoRock works with the school districts in our catchment and assists our educators by supplying trainings, resources, grant assistance and program support. 

If you would like to set up an educator training please email us

First Responders

SoRock provides resiliency training and mental health supports to our first responders and partners with them whenever possible to bring important resources to the communities they serve.  To order resources or set up a training for first responders please email us

Youth Action and Advocacy 

SoRock engages youth from all of our communities through various programs in the schools and community.  We offer leadership trainings, Teen Mental Health First Aid trainings and more.  Through various youth action groups in our schools we engage youth to use their voices and effect change on issues that matter most to them.

Relative Caregiver Support 

SoRock was the first to bring Parenting a Second Time Around (P.A.S.T.A) support groups to NH.  We are currently looking for a new peer facilitator as ours has moved out of state.  We still provide free resources to relative caregivers and there is an active group at the Londonderry YMCA available until we get our group up and running.  Please reach out for more information. 

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