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Attention Athletes - Learn the risks when managing pain

Dear Physicians, Physical Therapists, Pharmacists, Coaches, Parents and Guardians,


Teen athletes derive many positive benefits from participating in team sports.  Their increased risk of a sports-related injury could heighten their risk for medication misuse because they are likely to be prescribed an opioid to manage their pain.


Opioids are powerful drugs that can manage pain when prescribed by a physician and used for a short period of time.  That said, it is imperative that the injured athlete’s use of an opioid be closely monitored by their physician and parent to reduce the risk of misuse which could rapidly lead to an unintended addiction.


You can play a very important role in reducing these risks by sharing our informational brochure below:

ATTENTION ATHLETES:  Learn the Risks When Managing Pain to student athletes who have been prescribed an opioid to manage their pain.  


The SoROCK coalition is greatly appreciative of your invaluable support as it is our mission to help to promote, support, and sustain healthy choices for children, youth and families in our communities by actively working to reduce and prevent alcohol, marijuana, prescription and other drug misuse.


Best Regards,


The SoROCK Coalition

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